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Building a Successful E-Commerce Site

Due to the fact that your rivals are a mere click away, e-commerce is an extremely competitive field. If customers are not pleased with your site, they simply look for another e-commerce site where they can purchase the products they need. If you want to draw more attention and attract customers, it’s important that your website is as user friendly as it can be.

Regardless of whether you offer the best products on the market or if your prices are the absolute lowest, if customers become confused while attempting to navigate your website, it will likely be difficult to reach a preset target.

What usability really means is that you make your customerĀ“s process of purchasing one that is a simple and quick.

Below are some key tips that I have found useful personally that will help you build the best e-commerce website possible, one that is user friendly and will allow you to create higher conversion rates for your business.

Call-to-Action and Sign-Up Buttons

Steer clear of long signup forms which require visitors to go through a few pages prior to being able to successfully register on your website. As an e-commerce site, it really is not necessary for you to know their phone number, address, line of work, etc. All the you really need is simply an email address and password. However, call-to-action and sign-up buttons should never be underestimated as they can help you to improve the sites usability and build higher conversion rates. Make sure that you really make these call-to-action and sign-up buttons stand out.

No Need to Register to Buy

The long and tedious process of signing up before being able to finalize a purchase is something that online shoppers really hate. How about allowing your guest users to check out the products they want without having to register and after they are done. Then ask them if they would be interested in signing up so that their next purchase from your site will be easier. This method has been proven to increase the rates of sales as well as reduce the rates of cart abandonment.

Proper Search Function

Search functionality will help your customers find exactly what it is they are looking for; this will allow them to have a more satisfying shopping experience as opposed to one that is extremely frustrating. Nobody wants to have to go from one page to the next, and then again to another simply to read the description of every single product you offer and find exactly what it is that they are looking for. This tip is highly recommended all e-commerce sites, however especially for those who offer a wide array of products, it you add it in with a category refinement as well, you will make for a search process that is even quicker and allows buyers to pinpoint exactly what they are looking for.

With these three simple and easy to follow tips you can build an e-commerce site that potential buyer will find easy and enjoyable to navigate,

this will create higher conversion rates for your business and everyone will be happy in the end.  For more tips and ideas check out this video below.